Blacklisted? Payment Profile or Account History Explained

Blacklisted? Payment Profile / Account History Explained

Blacklisted? Payment Profile or Account History Explained

What exactly is a Payment Profile?

This is a profile or history (summary) of all your credit agreements or accounts (e.g. credit cards; retail store accounts; personal loans; etc.).  Generally, it reflects:

•  The amount of your outstanding accounts or debt

•  How you are paying or maintaining the monthly installments (do you pay your monthly accounts on time, for example)

•   How much Your monthly installments are

Can payment profile data or account history information be removed?

Generally, payment profile data is kept on your record for 5 years and can only be updated with recent account activity on a 24-month cycle.

The information will usually only be removed or deleted if the data is incorrect or false and/or if there has been no activity on a listed account history for 5 years from the date on which the account was opened.

How can I improve my payment profile or account history?

If any of your accounts which are reflecting under your payment profile, have subsequently been closed or paid up, you can communicate directly with the relevant Creditors and request them to send the current, updated account status information to the bureaus for recording purposes. You need to ensure that the creditors send an instruction to the bureaus to have any paid up accounts updated with the relevant Paid Up Code/Status and/or Closed status, and to ensure that if relevant, any paid up accounts, show a Zero Balance. A Zero Balance will improve your credit score and give financial institutions an indication of your current outstanding debt total.

How Do I Dispute a Payment Profile or Account History information?

Any disputes regarding incorrect payment profile or account history or complaints relating to the merits for recorded negative account data can be directed to the credit bureaus who can investigate a possible removal based on incorrect data. If that does not work you can contact the Credit Ombud or National Credit Regulator.

For more information on how to challenge incorrect or false credit record information, Unfairly Blacklisted? Incorrect Credit Record? (Please Click)


If you experience issues with having any payment profile (account history) updated, or you need our assistance with investigating the matter and/or facilitating amendment or any dispute relating to such negative account history (payment profile), you can  Contact Us (Please Click)



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